Teacher dances with student to Beyonce's 'Before I Let Go' as part of test deal

Terrence Bradley and My’Angel Johnson’s epic routine was captured on video.

A middle school teacher has held up his end of a deal after agreeing to perform a dance with a student if she got an A on her test.

Terrence Bradley and My'Angel Johnson's epic routine was captured on video after 14-year-old My'Angel aced her end of year reading exam.

"I definitely did cry," My'Angel, an 8th grader, told "Good Morning America" of receiving her test score. "Even with all the studying, I wasn't sure I was going to pass."

Bradley said he knew My'Angel enjoyed dancing. So when she was studying, Bradley made a promise -- he'd dance to Beyoncé's "Before I Let Go," originally by '80s group Maze, at Conway Middle School after scores from the South Carolina state testing were released.

Principal Regina Pertell said the school was thrilled that local news featured the video of Bradley and My'Angel's choreographed moves.

"It was a lot of laughter to watch the video," Pertell told "GMA." "She's been a great student for the past three years. She came out of her shell and just blossomed this year."

Bradley said he knew he was in "good hands" learning the dance since it was My'Angel who created it.

"I was ecstatic I did well on it," Bradley told "GMA" of the dance. "These students, they work so hard. We try to prepare them to do well on these exams so when she scored 100% I was happy for her."

My'Angel said she hopes to have a career in dancing someday.