Teen who bonded with Joe Biden over stutter recites famous JFK speech at his Inauguration

Brayden Harrington, 13, spoke in primetime for Joe Biden's inauguration.

A young teenager who formed a special friendship with President-Elect Joe Biden, bonding over their shared struggle with stuttering, stepped into the Inauguration Day spotlight.

Brayden Harrington, who met President Biden on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and was a presenter at the Democratic National Convention, spoke to "Good Morning America" about his role on the historic day.

Harrington said he would be "[reciting] famous addresses" during the primetime address.

He also shared some of the famous words from John F. Kennedy's inaugural address that he repeated on stage: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

When Biden tapped Harrington to help with his inaugural address, the teen said he suggested that Biden say something "to bring people together and to -- reunite the country."

Harrington, who delivered a stirring speech in August, also said he feels like Biden "has my back -- me and him are connected."

Now the young influential teen has taken his experience and connection with Biden and written a children's book.

Harper Collins announced Tuesday that Harrington's picture story "Brayden Speaks Up" will be released Aug. 10 with another title to come down the road.

"We're making a picture book right now. It's about how Biden impacted me [and] overcoming challenges and facing them head on," Harrington said. "It's OK because you over time you know how to accept it and deal with it -- your imperfections are your gifts."