Teen who survived lightning strike waiting for 'powers' to kick in

Josiah Wiedman was shot 9 feet into the air after he was struck by lightning.

August 17, 2018, 9:42 AM

A 13-year-old Arizona boy who miraculously survived being struck by lightning says he's now waiting for his "powers" to kick in.

Josiah Wiedman was walking home through a park in Phoenix with a friend when he said a jolt of lightning launched him in the air.

"As we were walking, I got struck ... sending me 9 feet into the air, making me bounce on my head and then flip over to my back," the boy told ABC News. "All I remember is just a little bit of heat -- but barely."

VIDEO: Teen feels like Superman after surviving lightning strike
VIDEO: Teen feels like Superman after surviving lightning strike

The majority of what he said he remembers from the incident is from what others have told him.

"I really don't remember what happened, but I [have] people telling me what happened," he said. "I was skateboarding and [it happened] just like that."

His mom, Krista Wiedman, told ABC News that two girls who know Josiah ran to their home and "were weeping at the front door" when they told her what happened. The concerned mother immediately called his dad and rushed to the park.

"My son was unresponsive with a medical team surrounding him. At that time, all I could do was drop to my knees and begin to pray," she said.

His father, William Wiedman, hailed a bystander who performed CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene for his son's survival.

"It amazes me that a lot of people stepped in," the father said. "For Cory [Cieszynsky] to be inside his house and to hear this and investigate and run outside and run to my son's aid, he's an angel and I can't thank him enough."

Cieszynsky even checked in on Josiah at the hospital, William Wiedman said.

But after the heroic rescue, William Wiedman wasn't sure his son would make it.

"The first initial report said that Josiah was not going to survive," he said.

Doctors placed Josiah, who suffered a fractured skull and concussion, into a drug-induced coma for three days. The teen shocked everyone with a speedy recovery.

"I couldn't believe it," Krista Wiedman said. "My son should've been dead on the spot."

Javier Tapia, who was with Josiah, was also struck but had only minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital.

Josiah said the experience has give him a new lease on life.

"I'm going to try to live my life a bit more because I know it can end at any time," Josiah said.

Krista called her son her "Superman," but the teen said he's just waiting for those superhero powers to kick in.

"I haven't felt my powers yet but I will soon," he said.