Woman celebrates her 30-'Sith' birthday with Star Wars photo shoot

Jennifer Crane dressed up in Star Wars gear with her whole family.

Jennifer Crane, owner of Crane Meadows Sheep Farm in Capon Bridge, West Virginia, celebrated her 30-"Sith" birthday, along with her three children in "Star Wars" costumes.

Crane dressed up as Princess Leia, while her 4-year-old son Hunter wore a Darth Vader costume, and Chase, 9, and Aubrianna, 11, donned Stormtrooper outfits.

"We decided on Hunter being Darth Vader since he is the ruler in our empire," Crane told "Good Morning America." "Chase and Aubrianna are very protective of their mama, so making them my Stormtroopers [was] only fitting."

Close friends and family joined forces to help celebrate Crane's birthday, with "Star Wars" banners, balloons and character masks for guests to wear. The crew shared laughs the entire time while eating a red, white and black "Star Wars" cake with Darth Vader right in the middle.

"We laughed so hard at our dorkiness," Crane said."

"The funniest part of the party were the pictures," she added. Her husband, Michael, took the shots.

"It actually captured our family perfectly and we had a blast doing it," she added.

Indeed, it wasn’t just this party -- loving "Star Wars" is an everyday event for the Cranes. Jennifer said they watch the films daily, with the original trilogy -- consisting of "A New Hope," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" -- being their favorites.

On their farm, they have a private area known as the "Kids’ Play Room," where every single item is dedicated to "Star Wars". It’s there where they have epic lightsaber battles while listening to the soundtracks from the movies.

"As a bedtime story, our 4-year-old makes me read ‘The Star Wars Character Encyclopedia,’ which is 224 pages, in [the kids’] fully decked-out 'Star Wars' bunk room," Crane said.

And when the Cranes are not battling it out, they also enjoy baking cookies shaped as their favorite "Star Wars" characters.

Crane hopes the family’s devotion to "Star Wars" will continue to keep them close and provide memories that last a lifetime.

"I hope one day they will look back on these pictures and realize how cool of parents we really are," she said.