9-year-old boy grew his hair for 2 years and donated it to kids in need, despite being bullied

"He got teased and picked on, but it didn't stop him."

A boy who grew his hair for two years didn't let the comments of bullies deter him from donating it to kids in need.

Brodie Southgate chopped 15 inches of his own hair and gave it to Children With Hair Loss -- a nonprofit which gives hair to kids with cancer and alopecia at no cost. This is the second time the 9-year-old donated his locks to the organization.

"I'm proud of him," his dad Ben Southgate, of Anthem, Arizona, told "Good Morning America." "I can't believe he's gone through it and stuck it out. He was called 'a girl by friends, or mistaken as a girl. He got teased and picked on, but it didn't stop him."

Brodie was in preschool when he donated his hair the first time. He got the idea from a friend who performed the kind act, dad said.

Brodie's most recent haircut happened July 31, the day before his first day of school. Ben Southgate said his son's transformation was pretty astonishing, adding that Brodie loves the end result.

"Brodie is a kind-hearted, caring young man and we are so proud of him for thinking of others at such a young age," mom Jill Southgate told "GMA."

Brodie hopes to launch a YouTube page documenting his journey, and vows to donate his hair to charity again.

"I think it's starting to sink in that it's inspiring others," Ben Southgate said.