'Beverage Barricade' Wins 'Mothers of Invention' Contest

ByABC News via logo
September 17, 2005, 2:45 PM

Sept. 18, 2005 — -- We have a winner!

Tammy Brook from St. Cloud, Minn., has won "Good Morning America Weekend Edition's" "Mothers of Invention" contest with her "beverage barricade," a device that can be attached to a soda or other beverage can to keep bugs -- or little fingers -- from getting into a drink after it's been opened.

"I don't know what to say," Brook said as she accepted her winning check for $5,000. "Thank you very much."

Brook's 4-year-old granddaughter likes to stick her fingers in soda cans, and Brook was worried about her getting cut, not to mention spreading germs.

She also had a neighbor who was stung in the mouth by a bee that had flown into her drink.

The beverage barricade is simple to use, and Brook suggests that advertising information might be printed on the tab.

"Good Morning America Weekend" and Mom Inventors Inc. tested the theory that "necessity is the mother of invention" with their "Mothers of Invention Challenge," and moms across the country responded with their ideas for solving everyday problems.

After narrowing it down to three finalists, "GMA" viewers voted on which mother's invention deserved a grand prize of $5,000, plus royalties from its sale.

The other finalists were Cathryn Neasham, inventor of the "neat treat," and Sara Kim, inventor of the "sleeve saver."

Tamara Monosoff, author of "The Mom Inventors Handbook," and founder of Mom Inventors Inc., which produces products made for and by moms, gave Brook the $5,000 check.

The winner will get to meet with Mom Inventors' team of engineers and design a production-ready product.

Monosoff's team will design retail-ready packaging, with a photo of Brook on each package to acknowledge her. In addition, they will develop a marketing plan and distribute the new beverage barricade tabs. Brook will receive a percentage of all net sales.