Mattel unveils new Judge Barbie Doll ahead of International Day of the Girl

The Barbie Career of the Year Judge Doll is available in four styles.

All rise for Judge Barbie!

Barbie announced the latest addition to its collection of more than 200 career dolls, and the 60-year-old company said it hoped the new doll would encourage more girls to aspire to hold a gavel.

"Even though, there is a record number of women take office, there is still work to be done to reach all branches of government," Barbie said in a press release. "In the U.S., women make up only one-third of sitting stage judges. In 2019, Barbie is taking the stand as a Judge to inspire girls to explore judicial careers with the hopes that one day they will sit on the bench and make important decisions that can change the world for the better."

Each doll comes with a gavel and round block that kids can use to help Judge Barbie doll call the room to order and make important rulings

There are four dolls with a range of skin tones and hairstyles that come in a career-themed look with a customary black robe and a lacy collar that can be removed to reveal a floral dress.

The famous toy doll brand also shared some statistics on Instagram about the history of female judges.

The new Judge Doll, which costs $12.99, is also part of the Barbie Dream Gap Project -- "a multi-year global initiative to raise awareness around limiting factors that prevent girls from reaching their full potential."

With the latest doll, Barbie also announced a new partnership with GoFundMe, ahead of International Day of the Girl, "to empower people and partners to help close the Dream Gap."

Mattel has continued its celebration of strong women with Barbie's 60th anniversary to help "inspire the limitless potential in every girl."

"From astronaut to zoologist, there isn’t a plastic ceiling Barbie hasn’t broken," the company said in a statement.