Why it Matters: These Americans say immigration is what's driving them to vote

It's no secret immigration is a key and polarizing issue these midterms.

This election, "Good Morning America" asked Americans to share with us: "Why It Matters." We want to know what issues are inspiring people to head to the polls and participate in our democracy this year. Here, Americans speak out about immigration to "GMA," and they had a lot to say.

The issue: Immigration

It's no secret that the topic of immigration has become increasingly polarized in U.S., and ahead of the midterm elections, it's one of the most talked-about subjects when "Good Morning America" asked Americans "Why it Matters" to get out and vote tomorrow.

In fact, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, immigration immediately rose to the fore as one of the key issues this midterms. Sixty-seven percent called immigration highly important in their vote, and 59 percent said the same about border security, ranking it sixth in a list of seven issues.

Donning a "Make America Great Again" hat, one man told "GMA" immigration was a key issue for him.

"You can call us bigots, whatever it is, it's about getting over here legally and doing the right thing," a man said. "I mean, you got to protect the borders. I understand people coming over here for a better life, but at the same time you've got to do it the right way."

Meanwhile, another woman on the street told "GMA" that what matters most to her this election was also immigration, and "for our communities to live unafraid -- to be able to walk out in the streets and not be afraid of the cops or immigration agents."

"What's at stake this November," she added, "is the lives of thousands and millions of undocumented youths and our families and our communities."

As the high-stakes midterms crept up, the topic of immigration has become a major point of national discussion, especially with President Donald Trump's rhetoric and tweets about the caravan of migrants currently heading towards the Southern border.

"The most important issue to me right now is to build the wall," a woman told "GMA." "We need law and order, we need a border, we either have a country or we don't, as President Trump says."

Meanwhile, another woman told "GMA" that what "matters the most to me is to finally put an end to the criminalization, incarceration and deportation of people of color."

For more responses on "Why it Matters" and what people feel is at stake when it comes to immigration, check out the video above.