Why It Matters: Americans share which issues inspire them to vote in 2020

The environment and health care were just a few issues inspiring these voters.

Democratic candidates are gearing up for the highest stakes debate yet. The 10 highest-polling Democratic candidates will appear for a single-night debate in Houston Thursday to tell Americans why they should be at the top of the ticket.

"GMA" asked voters to share which issues will most inspire them to vote in this election. Here’s what they said.

Garret Hatch

The Issues: The environment and student debt

"Well, I’m a college student, so if we could get college free, paid by the government, that’s a big topic."

Katherine Welsh

The Issue: Gun control

"I have a daughter that’s going to be a junior and I am just really concerned about the lack of common-sense gun control in Iowa. … I think the kids in school need to worry about math and science and other things like that, and not their physical safety."

Shanika Amarakoon

The Issue: No definitive issue

"I think it’s very holistic and it’s also about who I believe has leadership qualities."

Dana Wherley

The Issue: Medicare reimbursement

"I work in the long-term care industry and I see daily the significant impact of Medicare reimbursements, insurance reimbursements and how that affects facilities and being able to provide adequate care."

Terrence Daley

The Issue: Health care

"Health insurance is too expensive. I don’t know what the answer is, but I think that’s a very big issue for me."

Maureen Meade

The Issue: The environment

"I’m very concerned with the removal of the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. I’m very concerned with what corporations are doing as far as polluting and contaminating our oceans."

Joan Lemler

The Issue: The environment

"The whole environmental issue is so important, and the fact that we are loosening our regulations on how to control that and help that is just an abomination."