Food Safety: Protecting the Nation's Food

See the CSPI's riskiest food and learn how to help keep your family safe.

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June 08, 2010, 8:33 PM

June 9, 2010— -- As Dr. Richard Besser reported today on "Good Morning America," the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs more authority, money and efficiency in order to help protect the public from food-borne illness outbreaks, according to a report released Tuesday by the Institute of Medicine.

The FDA is responsible for the safety of approximately 80 percent of the nation's food while other government bodies, such as Department of Agriculture, oversee the remainder.

In response to the report, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg released a statement that said in part, "We already are making significant progress to ensure government agencies are working seamlessly to protect the American public at FDA, we are engaged in the long-term, strategic transformation of our food program..."

The Center for the Public Interest released this list of what the organization called the top 10 riskiest foods based on reported cases of illness. Check out the list below and then read on for tips on how to keep your food safe.

Regardless of which type of food could have a food-borne illness, here are some tips to help prevent it and keep you and your family safe.

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