Man Drops Half His Weight in Two Years

In February 2005, Heath Smith weighed 463 pounds. Smith had been overweight his whole life, but reached the turning point on a business trip when his company had to buy two seats for him to fly on an airplane.

"It's that humbling moment that made me figure out that I've got to make the change," the 28-year-old said today on "Good Morning America."

Two years later, Smith dropped 225 pounds -- nearly half his body weight. Today he weighs a trim 215, after losing a grand total of 248 pounds.

"It was two years out of my life, but that two years has given me the rest of my life back," Smith said.

Heath Smith Play

He started simply, just by walking around his office building and eating healthier food.

"I had to start slow. I would be out of breath walking up the stairs. I started moderately and went from there," he said.

As for dieting, Smith said he was never much of a cook, but he stuck to lean proteins like chicken and fish, which he just threw on a George Foreman grill.

Within six months, the 6-foot-tall Smith had dropped 100 pounds without setting foot in a gym.

"The first thing I would say is food prep is big," Smith said. "It was big for me. Cooking a meal and having enough ready for the next day. If I was hungry, I'd look for the quick fix and run out for fast food."

Smith also said his co-workers gave him a lot of support and encouragement to keep him on the right track.

Smith says his confidence is through the roof and he has a girlfriend of three months.

"Now I know if there is something I want to do, I can really achieve it," he said. "Also knowing that my story can help motivate others while it re-motivates myself is important."