Getting The Dirt Off Your Household Items

Keeping your home appliances from rusting away only takes a couple of minutes of regular upkeep. The experts at ShopSmart magazine have come up with easy tips for maintaining five items found in virtually every home using simple household products in your cabinet.

Knives and Nonstick Pots

It's important to keep these two items out of your dishwasher to prolong their lives. Knives go blunt easily without a little extra attention. Dishwashers can cause knife handles to crack and the blades to pit. Be sure to store your knives in a wooden knife block or plastic shield to keep the edges sharp.

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The same goes for your nonstick pots. Keep them out of your dishwasher and wash them by hand, instead, with a plastic scrubber. This prevents burnt bits of food from sticking to the pot.

Baking Pans

After washing your pans, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Otherwise, you could risk having them rust over. Another easy method is to dry them with paper towels and a dab of vegetable oil.


With your ranges it's crucial to regularly inspect the burners. If you have a gas model, be sure to clean your burner ports with a needle. But be careful not to touch the igniter, which can break easily.


A lot of dirt can accumulate inside and around your refrigerator, so be sure to check all the corners when tackling this appliance. Vacuum the coil, which is usually underneath your fridge, every couple of months to avoid accumulating dust. Also clean out your door gaskets every now and then with water and mild detergent. These easy techniques can help raise the efficiency of your appliance and even save you some money on your energy bill.


Avoid leaving nasty scratches and smudges on your LCD TV screen by cleaning it with a soft slightly damp microfiber cloth. Using ordinary paper towels can leave marks on the screen so it's best not to use them.