Five Commonly Missed Areas for Sunscreen Protection

Find out the five places most people forget to use sunscreen.

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June 10, 2008, 5:28 PM

June 11, 2008 — -- Summertime's increased sunlight helps spotlight the more than 1 million skin cancer cases diagnosed annually. Many people find themselves combating harmful UV rays to protect their skin. And while most people think to slather sunscreen on their arms, legs and face, there are other places they forget.

Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Foundation spokeswoman Dr. Doris Day breaks down the five areas where people raise their exposure risk by failing to put on sunscreen. Check them out below and learn more about how to choose the proper sunscreen.

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No matter how diligent you are about putting on sunscreen, you should be sure not to miss certain spots. People commonly forget to protect their hair, the tops of their feet, the sides of their faces, the back of their necks and their cheek and neck area.

Bald men know to wear a hat or put on sunscreen, but people with thicker hair don't realize they're at risk, too. So, to get that part in your hair, use spray-on sunscreen. Also, if you color your hair, this will help you keep your color.

Second, get the sides of your face. The temples and in front of the ears are where Day says she sees a lot of sun damage in patients. That's because people tend to put sunscreen on in the center and smear outwards, so they run out by the time they get to the edge. Instead, dab it all over and then blend. This way, you're getting as much on the outside of your face as you do in the center.

Third, the back of the neck is a must. That's important for men who usually have short haircuts that don't cover that area.

Fourth, you need to protect the neck and chest area. The skin there scars more easily and ages more poorly than it does on the face.

And finally, it's flip-flop and sandal season, and people always forget the tops of their feet. The same warnings apply about skin damage, but as everyone it's ever happened to knows, it really hurts.