Most Memorable Infomercial Products of 2008

Admit it, you love those TV infomercials and want to know which products really work and which ones are duds.

"Good Morning America" technology contributor Becky Worley took another look at some of the infomercial products she's tested, and in some cases, reconsidered her grades.

Swivel Sweeper

Becky says: Parts of the Swivel Sweeper seem chintzy -- dirt falls out of the collector tray if you bump the sweeper and it easily gets tangled on rugs and fringe. But after I reviewed the product, I found myself pulling it out every time I had a little mess on the kitchen floor or a dirty spot that needed some attention.

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As predicted, the battery died after about a year -- it just wouldn't take or hold a charge. But it turns out I sure did miss my Swivel Sweeper. Now that I'm a mom, my life is all about picking up Cheerios and other stuff, so I use my new Swivel Sweeper all the time. Battery replacements are available for the newer models, and the sweeper comes with a pick to remove pet hair.

Original Grade: B-
New Grade: B+

Moving Men

A number of viewers disagreed with Becky's initial assessment of Moving Men -- disks that you can put under heavy furniture to move it easily. The infomercial even claims you can move a car using Moving Men. Becky tested that claim and when the car didn't move she gave the product a C.

MaryK93 commented on the "GMA" message board: "My mom uses the Moving Men and swears by them. They make it easy for her to rearrange furniture. … I noticed that the car in the commercial was clearly done on a waxed floor. Becky was trying it on a driveway. Big surface difference! You gave the Moving Men a bad rap. I wouldn't be without them."

Becky said she was willing to change her initial grade if she was able to move a car on the floor on the "GMA" studio. The verdict? The car didn't move. Moving Men still a C.

Hercules Hooks

Hercules Hooks, which helps hang things in drywall, was a product that really got "GMA" staff members excited. Our executive producer practically chased Becky down to ask, "Do they really work? Can they support a lot of weight?"

Becky says yes. She gave Hercules Hooks an A-.

Ped Egg

Several "GMA" producers were dying to know if the Ped Egg would really remove dead skin from the feet and make paying for pedicures a thing of the past.

Becky says: The Ped Egg does a great job on making the feet smooth and soft, but I still like having someone else paint my toes. Ped Egg gets an A-.

Instant Screen Door

This product still makes Becky mad. She tested the the Instant Screen Door and gave it an F.
Becky says: Aarrgh!

Favorite Infomercial Product of 2008

Testing the Hawaii Chair, a hula-inspired chair that's supposed to tone your abs, was the ultimate 2008 infomercial clip.

Robin Roberts tested the chair and provided the funniest and most memorable infomercial moment of 2008.

Becky's original grade: Huh?