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May 18, 2008 — -- Last month, we put out a call for the best ice-cream shop in America. Hundreds wrote in telling us about their favorite ice-cream spots in communities across the country. Now we've narrowed the contest down to four finalists, and it's time to vote! Check out a little information on our final four below.

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Tucked away in Northern California, Shubert's Ice Cream and Candy has been a Chico institution since it's founding in 1938, with four generations of the Shubert family still running the shop today. Shubert's still hand-makes all of its ice cream and candy, using local ingredients delivered weekly from family-owned farms surrounding Chico. The shop's signature flavor is Chico Mint, a unique twist on your traditional mint chocolate chip ice cream — featuring chocolate ice cream with mint candies, both made by hand on location.

From the cow to the cone, Moomer's Ice Cream in Traverse City, Michigan covers every step of the ice cream-making process. Set on the family farm of the Plummer family, Moomer's is known throughout Northern Michigan for it's hospitality, and for it's fresh ingredients harvested from the "Cherry Capital of the World." The store's signature flavor is Cherries Moobilee -- a rich mix of black cherry flavored ice cream with chunks of black and red cherries, chocolate fudge swirl and chunks of homemade brownies.

Run by colorful octogenarian Monroe Udall, Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor outside of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida combines kitchy ambiance with some of the largest servings of ice cream in the country. Decorated from floor to ceiling with vintage license plates, the ice cream shop and restaurant has been a staple of South Florida for 52 years. One of it's most popular flavors is Cherry Garden Chip, a vanilla ice cream loaded with fresh black cherries and chocolate chunks. And it's hard to miss their most outlandish dish — the "Kitchen Sink," a gigantic dish for four loaded up with heaping helpings of multiple ice cream flavors, chocolate and marshmallow sauces, fruit toppings, and homemade whip cream.

Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream in the Boston suburb of Hyde Park, Massachusetts puts an interesting twist on the neighborhood ice cream parlor -- featuring a candlepin bowling alley popular with young and old alike. Ron Covitz has been making his world-famous ice cream here with his family for over 25 years, drawing the attention of local residents as well as national awards. Their signature flavor is Brownie Nut, a creamy vanilla ice cream made by hand loaded with fresh brownies.

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