14-year-old entrepreneur Lexi P. creates natural hair program to empower future curl bosses

Lexi P. is on a mission to empower young girls to be future curl bosses.

14-year-old entrepreneur Lexi P. creates natural hair program to empower future curl bosses
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November 15, 2019, 4:18 AM

Lexi P., 14, launched her line of Curlanistas products in 2018 after realizing the important need to empower other young girls who had curly hair like her own.

"I was bullied as well as teased about my hair, and I just hated it," she told "Good Morning America."

Lexi, who is from Washington, D.C., recalls damaging her natural hair by sneaking to straighten it with hot tools. "I thought if I had straight hair the bullies would leave me alone," she said.

Through these unfortunate experiences, Lexi was inspired to create her line in hopes of helping other girls who had gone through similar situations.

Lexi P. launched Curlanistas haircare in 2018 for girls with natural hair textures.
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Lexi's curly girl-friendly stylers include a Magic Curl Cream, Frizz-Fighting Detangler and Curl Defining Custard. Since launching, Curlanistas has quickly grown in popularity and landed in Sally Beauty stores across America after being accepted to the retailer's Cultivate program, which aims to invest, mentor and support innovative emerging hair care brands through mass distribution.

After an accelerated successful launch, Lexi is now paying it forward through the Curlanista Boss Network she created in August.

"I get a lot of messages from girls saying they want to be brand ambassadors and I just couldn't think of a better way to share and inspire my lessons of being a young boss than by launching a boss network," said Lexi. "I'm so excited to meet and inspire other girls to set goals and knock them out."

With over 100 already signed up, Lexi plans to enroll at least 1,000 girls between the ages of 6 to 16, and teach them business-building skills, such as communication, goal setting, business management, money management, persuasiveness and dealing with rejection.

"Some of the girls and their parents have told me how much this program has helped them with their self-esteem," said Lexi. "They also feel empowered to follow their dreams and dream big, by being part of this movement. Some of the girls really look up to me and feel like they are connected because we are around the same age."

She continued, "It makes me feel so good knowing I'm making an impact. If I help one girl dream big and chase her goals, I know I'm serving my purpose."

After a successful product launch, Lexi P. is expanding her brand to others through the Curlanista Boss Network.
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Lexi believes the free program will give other young entrepreneurs the tools, leadership tips and resources they need to go after what they want while also feeling prepared.

Lexi P. wants to teach over 1,000 girls how to be their own bosses and be the next kidpreneurs.

"I would like girls around the world to know they should just go for it," she said. "Just do it, girl!"

"Whatever dream you have, chase it and never give up," she added. "Get out there and tell your parents, friends, family, anyone you trust, about your goals and don't be afraid to ask for help to make it happen."