2020 Critics' Choice Awards: Billy Porter pays tribute to transgender community with butterfly tattoos

The "Pose" star continues to make heads turns and jaws drop.

Billy Porter continues to make heads turn and jaws drop, and his latest look, worn to the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards, carried a powerful message.

On Sunday, he posed on the blue carpet donning a custom two-tone silk faille jumpsuit designed by Hogan McLaughlin.

In addition to Porter's stunning gown, he wore colorful butterfly body art on his chest, arms, and back. On Instagram, he described the tattoos as part of his theme for 2020: being released from the bondage of masculinity and flying free.

"Just like the beautiful ladies from @poseonfx, we are often born into one stage of life and then cocoon into an incubation of self-discovery, transformation, and acceptance, ultimately being released into freedom as beautiful creatures," Porter wrote.

Since posting, Porter's Instagram post has gained the likes of over 164,000 fans.

"Every time I think you've outdone a look you come back harder! I love this," one commenter said.

While Porter described his overall look as "Fashion Gumby Butterfly Realness" on Instagram, he also said "the butterflies are a symbol of the transgender community," in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight."

"[They represent] how you come from the cocoon, you come as one thing, and then you transform into something else," he continued. "So I wanted to honor my peeps tonight."