Ariana Grande might be parting ways with her signature ponytail

She's been sporting a new sexy 'do!

Ariana Grande is known for her glorious vocals, feline-flicked eyeliner and a sky-high ponytail. But recently, she surprisingly ditched that iconic hair look.

It's rare that you get a glimpse of the 25-year-old pop star without her signature 'do, but she recently posted a photo on Instagram with long brunette strands hanging down to her waist.

She directed her fans to go check out an episode of "Black Mirror" starring Miley Cyrus -- and ended her caption saying, "Also my hair is down again."

Social media had a field day with Grande's post, and it's gained more than four million likes with so many people saying how much they love her look.

Cyrus left a comment saying, "U r seriously the cutest angel I've ever known."

Another wrote, "i'm using this image to catfish people," which caused many people to react with loads of laughing emoji.

Although Grande doesn't usually break free from her beloved ponytail, there have been a few other times she's let us have a peek.

Scroll ahead to see five other times she's broken up with her go-to style and shown off other cool looks.

Given that Grande has said in the past that her ponytail causes "constant pain," you can imagine she has one less problem without it.