From Ariana Grande to Kendall Jenner, cow-print nails are having a major 'moo'-ment

Looks like nail art is here to stay.

March 25, 2019, 5:23 PM

In case you were in need of some new nail art inspiration, celebrities have been showing off a fresh look that's having a major "moo"-ment: cow-print nails.

Ariana Grande posted a black and white photo of herself on Instagram with her signature high ponytail, winged eyeliner, and cow-printed thumb nail to match. She also tagged traveling nail artists @Nailanatomy in the image along with a quote that reads "this doesn't represent my mood accurately at all."

Echoing the same vibes, model Kendall Jenner released a photo on Instagram this past weekend with her head resting on her hand, and viewers got a glimpse of her cow-print nails as well.

The cool cow nail art trend doesn't just stop with Grande and Jenner. It's actually popping up all over social media as well. From rounded tip versions to subtle-but-not subtle accents, the spotted black and white design is officially a thing that people are really into right now.

Would you wear cow print nails? Scroll ahead and prepare to screenshot some manicures to try during your next salon visit.