Designer launches 'trikini' beachwear design, complete with matching bikini and mask set

The "trikini" is a bikini paired with a matching face mask.

Move over bikini, the “trikini” is stepping in to claim its spot as a summer staple.

Italian company Elexia Beachwear went viral for its matching bikini and face mask sets.

With summer on the horizon, and mask-wearing becoming the new normal for Americans in most states due to the coronavirus pandemic, matching bikinis and masks are the latest sign of the times in swimsuit fashion.

Owner Tiziana Scaramuzzo told ABC News she came up with the idea during quarantine and will start selling the matching sets in stores May 18.

"The idea was born in the house during quarantine to take photos with my children," she said. "We didn't think it would be this successful."

Scaramuzzo also added that their designs are currently only for sale in Italy and not able to be shipped internationally.

Elexia Beachwear isn't the only company to pair a mask with a bathing suit.

Swimwear company Dippin' Daisy's has also been making masks out of swimsuit fabric.

"We originally made the masks for our Los Angeles factory workers and first responders who didn't have access to N95 masks, and once the CDC recommended everyone wear them to grocery stores, banks, etc. we made them available for our customers. They're made from excess fabric, so they help with our sustainability initiatives and they match the bikinis we sell on our website," Dippin' Daisy's CEO Elaine Tran said."Quarantine is tough, but our colorful masks make it a little more fun and a whole lot safer."

With summer just around the corner, the "trikini" seems like a good way to try and stay safe while soaking up some vitamin D.