Disney on Broadway characters get modern makeover from fashion design students

These Disney heroines can live happily ever after thanks to FIT student designs.

Who needs a fairy godmother when you have the Fashion Institute of Technology?

FIT students brought their favorite Disney on Broadway characters to life by creating outfits that the heroines would wear in the real world.

"Each designer created contemporary sketches that are all unique interpretations of our beloved Disney on Broadway characters," Robin Wyatt, vice president of marketing for Disney Theatrical Productions, said.

The design challenge represents the work of 10 FIT Fashion Design students whose designs were selected from among nearly 100 submissions.

Yelayny Placencia designed for Princess Anna of "Frozen," Annette Stone designed for Princess Jasmine of "Aladdin," and Ruby SeoHee Shin who created looks for Nala from "The Lion King."

"Good Morning America" got the VIP -- very important princess -- invite to follow these students on their journey to bringing their garments to life.

And let us tell you, it takes a lot more than pixie dust!

Yelayny Placencia: Anna from "Frozen."

Why Anna?
Anna's a very interesting character I just wanted to see her in the real world
How are you interpreting the character in your design?:
For her day look I did a blouse with very voluminous sleeves and really long pants and she still has her little corset going on. Then at night she gets a little more sexy, a little more strong and I have that shown in the sleeves so it's very asymmetrical.

Biggest challenge?
The sewing, I realized I sewed two wrong sides together.
Favorite part:
This is the first time in my career that I ever stuck to the plan. I feel so much closer to Anna, we've been listening to "Frozen," so it's just been amazing to have the songs in the back of my head as I've been sewing.

Annette Stone: Jasmine from "Aladdin"

Why Jasmine?
I saw a lot of myself in her so it was nice to get to design something that I would also like and feel like represents me.
How are you interpreting the character in your design?
I kind of wanted to find designs that really encapsulated Jasmine's personality. How she feels trapped and enclosed and I wanted her piece to tell a story of Jasmine. How she is in the beginning where she feels like she can't break free of the traditions and who she is and then towards the end where she is letting go.

Biggest challenge?
The shorts! Sometimes it's hard to get past a hurtle that you know was going to take a little more time and that's something I struggle with.
Favorite part:
I think that I've kind of gone on Jasmine's journey with her as I've been making it so I've been through that struggle and now we're in the freedom part.

Ruby SeoHee Shin: Nala from "The Lion King"

Why Nala?
Our generation, we didn't expect the prince charming. Nala is more independent, she is powerful and she just goes her own way.
How are you interpreting the character in your design?:
I imagine that Nala has, like, coffee in her hand, wearing the high heels, walking around Times Square. That was my inspiration.

Biggest challenge?
For me, I think too much and that wasted time at the beginning.
Favorite part:
Before this, Nala was just a character but once she came into my project, I feel like Nala is my best friend.

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