Gigi Gorgeous announces genderless makeup collection

Gigi Gorgeous teamed up with Ipsy to create the "accessble" line.

October 14, 2019, 3:51 PM

Gigi Gorgeous is coming out with a makeup line.

The influencer and activist joined YouTube back in 2011 as Gregory Gorgeous, and followers watched as she transitioned from Gregory to Gigi in a series of candid videos.

Gorgeous has amassed a huge following since 2011, with more than 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

Earlier this year, she came out with her first book, "He Said, She Said," about her journey transitioning, and now she's coming out with a makeup line.

Gorgeous is teaming up with Ipsy, the beauty subscription service, to bring an everyday makeup collection full of staples.

She wanted to create makeup that she would have worn before and after transitioning.

"Being a transgender woman, I am for the community, I speak on my story a lot, and I was wearing makeup before I transitioned, so I wanted makeup that would make anyone feel beautiful," Gorgeous told "Good Morning America" at Ipsy Live over the weekend.

The Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy collection is full of essential products meant for everyone.

PHOTO: Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy lip gloss.
Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy lip gloss.

"I really wanted to be accessible and I really wanted to put the product first," Gorgeous said.

Her 14-piece collection with Ipsy includes brushes, blushes, lip gloss and more.

When it came to creating her own makeup line, Gorgeous wanted to find someone she could collaborate with throughout the process.

"Ipsy is kind of like a family brand for me. I honestly feel like they have been so sweet ever since the beginning of my career. I remember working with them as one of the first huge brands when I touched down in L.A. and it just felt right," Gorgeous said.

PHOTO: The Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy collection.
The Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy collection.

From the packaging to the formula, Gorgeous didn't miss a detail.

Fans have been asking Gorgeous for a makeup collection for a long time, but Gorgeous said, "Anything great takes a while. It felt natural and it came at the perfect timing."

PHOTO: Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy blush duo.
Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy blush duo.
PHOTO: Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy contour brush.
Gigi Gorgeous x Ipsy contour brush.

"Ipsy is really all about self-expression and self-discovery, so we always look to partner with people that really embody our mission and Gigi is probably one of the most expressive people out there," Jenna Habayeb, Chief Brand Officer of Ipsy, told "GMA."

Gigi Gorgous x Ipsy is available Nov. 1.

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