Q&A: How to create a French beauty regimen with author Clémence von Mueffling

Beauty editor Clémence von Mueffling shares her top three French beauty secrets.

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June 12, 2018, 8:42 AM

Clémence von Mueffling, the author of "Ageless Beauty the French Way," shared some of her secrets behind how French women do beauty on "Good Morning America" today.

As the daughter and granddaughter of beauty editors at French Vogue, von Mueffling has beauty tips and secrets in her blood. Here, she opens up about how to recreate a classic French beauty regimen at home. Her answers have been edited for clarity and length.

Q: How can American women apply this approach to their everyday regiment?

French women approach beauty with less of a quest for perfection, they're a little more accepting of their age, not necessarily to try to look younger but to look the best for their age. It's about making the most of what you were born with. It's not about vanity, but more about being more confident in your own skin, and there's a positive image of aging projected to all generations

PHOTO: Cosmetic containers are seen in this undated file photo.
Cosmetic containers are seen in this undated file photo.
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Q: What are your top three secrets for great skin at any age?

These are my top tips to take your skin from good to great. First off, avoid harsh treatments. Treat your skin like your favorite silk blouse. You'd never do a harsh treatment to remove a stain on that blouse, so you should do the same for your skin.

A facial scrub can remove up to three layers every time you scrub and it takes 48 hours to rebuild each layer. It would take almost a week for all three layers to rebuild. My keyword is "gentle."

Q: How do you suggest we cleanse our skin?

Second beauty secret: Double cleansing. Our skin doesn't get as clean as we think from just washing it once, so I suggest you do it twice.

First, I start by gently massaging in a cleansing oil to remove makeup and pollution. Use with warm water and a soft towel to dry. Then, repeat with a cleansing milk. This time, you're cleansing the top layer. This is a moment for relaxation and for yourself. Finish with a gentle toner and a spritz of thermal water. I also suggest using a nice French terrycloth towel after each step to pat dry. Your skin will be so smooth and dewy, you might not even need a night cream afterward and the next day you'll wake up with a nice glow.

PHOTO: French beauty editor Clemence von Mueffling is out with a new book "Ageless Beauty The French Way."
French beauty editor Clemence von Mueffling is out with a new book "Ageless Beauty The French Way."
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Q: There’s something else you say is the French woman’s best-kept secret: The facial massage?

Finally, third tip: The facial massage. French women love their facial massages. A lot of times they go to someone to get them done, but it's easy enough to do yourself. It's great because it only takes two to three minutes, you can do it while you wash your face or while watching TV. It helps with circulation in your face and to awaken your complexion and activate the production of collagen.

Start by gently applying pressure along the eye socket to the outer edge and then gently pinch along the brow line. After that, make a small knitting motion with your fingers, and massage those lines between the eyes. Then, move to the lower half of your face. When you get to the lips, gently pull them taut and just massage along the edge of the lips to complete the face and aid drainage. Pinch from your chin and to your ears along the jawline five times.

Q: What are the beauty products that a French woman never leaves home without?

Always have a small hairbrush in your purse and a good, hydrating lip balm.

“Ageless Beauty: The French Way” is out tomorrow.

PHOTO: A woman uses beauty products in this undated file photo.
A woman uses beauty products in this undated file photo.
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