How to recreate the 'perfect' French manicure nail hack that's going viral on TikTok

You can try out this French manicure hack for with our instructions.

TikTok’s latest nail hack has is so genius we can’t believe we didn’t think of it before.

The social media platform has been going crazy for a technique that creates the perfect French manicure -- and anyone can try it at home.

Videos of the hack, which uses a silicone stamp, have been going viral, including from nail artist Sara Cady, who posted a clip demonstrating the trick that attracted more than 12 million views on TikTok.

“I’m still in shock that over 12 million people have seen and wanted to watch my video. I only posted it because I thought it would be a great hack for beginners and at home users,” Cady said in an interview with “Good Morning America.”

According to Cady, “It takes a lot of practice to perfect a French tip, to get it crisp and clean looking.”

You can try out the hack for yourself with our instructions below.

What you'll need

  • Silicone stamper
  • Pigmented polish or gel polish
  • Step 1

    Prep the nails as you would to start a regular manicure and gather all of your supplies.

    Step 2

    Apply a thick layer of polish to the silicone stamper.

    “If you are using gel polish, I recommend being qualified in using gel and practicing [so] as not to touch the gel to the skin,” Cady said.

    Step 3

    Using a 45-degree angle, insert the nail into the silicone stamper and remove. Only insert as much of the nail tip as you want to be covered with polish.

    “It’s all about the angle, you want to keep your nail at about 45-degree angle and almost scoop it under the product. The stamper and the product will do all the work at creating the French tip,” Cady said.

    You can also use a thin nail art brush to clean up the edges.

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