Rihanna introduces curvy mannequins at Fenty pop-up event, gets social media praise

The singer debuted mannequins of various shapes and sizes.

The singer, who made history in May when she became the first woman to launch a fashion brand at LVMH, showed up to the exciting affair wearing a pink sexy slip dress along with matching lipstick, strappy sandals and box braids.

Her entire look was a complete summer mood.

Another buzzworthy aspect of the Fenty x Webster pop-up cocktail party was the singer's mannequin selection. Curvy mannequins of various sizes were spotted adorned with fresh new picks from the label.

The size inclusive mannequins drew positive responses all over social media, with many praising Rihanna for supporting all body shapes.

"This is the first time I've seen a mannequin with hip dips and a tummy. This is the first time I've seen a mannequin that has a body type similar to mine and I am FEELING THINGS," a tweet from one user read.

Another, reading, "Here for this mannequin having hip dips and a little pooch," has been favorited over 264,000 times.

The move to represent all sizes was in some ways unsurprising, given the singer has been open about the changes she's seen in her own body influencing the way in which she designs.

"We have our fit models, which is the standard size from factories, you just get your samples made in one size. But then, I want to see it on my body, I want to see it on a curvy girl with thighs and a little bit of booty and hips," she told E! News.

"Now I have boobs that I never had before ... you know, I don't even know how to sleep sometimes, it's challenging, so imagine getting dressed," she added.

At the pop-up event, there were also bright dresses, pretty prints and structured blazers that will more than likely sell out soon, judging by her other fashion ventures.

We can't wait to see what Bad Gal RiRi comes out with next.