Sarah Hyland shares candid photos from laser tattoo removal

The "Modern Family" star brings us up close and personal.

Sarah Hyland recently took fans up close and personal during her latest tattoo removal process.

On her Instagram stories, she posted a video of celebrity skin expert and nurse Jamie Sherill removing one of her tattoos.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses, Hyland cringed and shared that this was her actual reaction to what appears to be a painful process.

The "Modern Family" star has not confirmed which tattoo was being removed, but from the position of where Sherill places her laser tool, there is a huge chance it is the dinosaur located on her backside.

She gave her followers a glimpse of it in a photo she previously posted on Instagram alongside musical artist Katie Welch, who has a similar tattoo.

Hyland has several tattoos including a hummingbird inked on her ear as well as an arrow inked on her spine.