We need to talk about these high-heeled Crocs that are already sold out

Balenciaga shared photos on Instagram of hot pink heels with charms.

Love it or hate it, ugly fashion is making serious strides and if the high-heeled Crocs that went viral and sold out is any indication, then the trend could be making moves towards becoming a staple.

This is not a crock -- well not in the joking sense of the word. Casual, comfort-centric shoe company Crocs debuted its newest high heels and the strappy shoe already sold out.

The Women's Cyprus V heel was originally listed for $44 on the Crocs website before going on final sale for $17.99, but the shoe is no longer available.

Crocs also make a variety of other heel styles including wedges, block heels and slingbacks. The footwear company did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.

The ugly fashion trend has put its best foot forward and high-end designers are embracing the moment and leaning in with riffs of their own.

Balenciaga paid homage in the past with their own Croc-inspired designs like platform clogs that debuted last October at Balenciaga's spring 2018 Paris Fashion Week show. And now the luxury fashion house teased pictures on Instagram of a hot pink pair of stilettos with a familiar look.

The high heels made to look like a pair of the comfort clogs have holes adorned with various charms from a pink macaron, a cat and shooting star.

It is not clear whether the item was directly inspired by the sustainable shoe company, but it sure bears a striking resemblance.

Balenciaga did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.

Who What Wear editor Aemilia Madden told ABC News that the Crocs inspired style may be part of the “ugly shoe” obsession, but it could have lasting influence.

“Fashion has an ongoing obsession with ‘ugly shoes’ and this isn't the first time we've seen Crocs reimagined, but I have to wonder the point of a Croc-inspired shoe that doesn't align with the original footwear's intention,” she said. “A pointy stiletto, no matter what it's made of, will never be a comfortable shoe.”

“I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of these Balenciaga heels, they're the definition of Instagram fodder if you ask me.”