Virginia becomes 4th state to ban cosmetic animal testing

Illinois, California and Nevada have also banned cosmetic animal testing.

Virginia has now become the fourth state to put an end to cosmetic animal testing and sales of animal-tested cosmetics.

California was the first state to prohibit animal-tested cosmetics in 2018. Nevada and Illinois enforced similar laws in 2019.

Virginia's ban is a part of a larger effort to stop animal testing on a federal level. Rep. Don Beyer, who represents Northern Virginia suburbs, announced in a tweet that he would be reintroducing federal legislation to make it standard across the country.

Several other states including New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Hawaii and New York may also pass similar laws.

On a global scale, efforts made by Humane Society International and its partners have resulted in 40 countries as well as member states such as European Union, Australia and Guatemala passing laws prohibiting or limiting cosmetic animal testing.