Baby who went on cross-country road trip during mom's maternity leave reaches 50th and final state

Harper Yeats just crosses the border of Vermont.

Harper Yeats, the baby who embarked on a 4-month road trip across the country, may have just become the youngest member of the All 50 States Club.

On Thursday, Harper, 5 months old, crossed the border of Vermont -- making the Green Mountain State her 50th and final destination.

"We arrived at approximately 4:30 pm ET," mom Cindy Lim wrote to "Good Morning America" in a Facebook message on Oct. 18 after their arrival. "Just feeling really happy and proud that we made it but mainly really lucky that we got to experience this great adventure together as a family."

Lim and her husband, Tristan Yeats, are Australian but live in Canada, where Harper was born. The family started their nationwide tour in June, weeks into Lim's year-long maternity leave.

Lim and Yeats said seeing all 50 states has always been a family goal. Together, the couple has visited 19 states but they started the trip all over again after learning about the All Fifty States Club. They then realized their daughter could be the youngest person to visit all 50.

The family has applied for the Guinness World Record for the youngest child ever to visit every state in the country. Guinness must consider creating the record before Lim submits the evidence on Harper's trip, she said.

After she checked a location off her list, Harper was photographed at each state line.

"Based on the info on the All Fifty States Club, we suspect she is going to be the youngest," Lim said, adding that the youngest person listed is 2 years old.

"The real highlight of the trip is being able to make memories as a family," she added.

To celebrate Harper accomplishing the incredible feat, Lim and Yeats hosted a meetup at City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont.