Your kids will DIG this new attraction in Colonial Williamsburg

The program lets kids channel their inner Indiana Jones.

There's a new program in Colonial Williamsburg and your kids are going to DIG it.

Don’t miss the new DIG! Kids, Dirt & Discovery program.

It lets kids channel their inner Indiana Jones at an authentic excavation of a 1717 storehouse cellar. Known properties atop the site include an 18th-century apothecary and the home of a freed-black seamstress, Julia Minson.

It’s not a seeded site or fake dig. Everything here is the real deal.

So while it may not be the bright and shiny objects found in a fake dig, the kids are finding the very same things often found by archaeologists.

"Things that were left in this cellar all the way from the 18th century through 1946, the last time it was excavated," said Meredith Poole, staff archaeologist in Colonial Williamsburg.

Kids ages 5-16 can participate in the hour-long sessions. It takes place from now until Sept. 1.