Pixar Pier's 6 most Instagramable spots

It's like the place was invented for Instagram.

August 14, 2018, 4:14 AM

There's no doubt Disneyland is full of locations perfect for pictures, but Pixar Pier, which opened in June, seems invented for Instagram.

So when "Good Morning America" was invited to take a tour of the new attraction -- complete with a tour guide to show us all the best spots to snap our pics -- there was no way to say no. We had to do it. For our followers.

Next time you're there, keep a look out for these six spots.

Also keep an eye out for David Nguyen, who can often be found walking Pixar Pier helping visitors set up their Instagram shots.

Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats

PHOTO: Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats
Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats
ABC News

Pick up a lemon Dole soft serve and hold it up to the sign for a perfect shot.

Poultry Palace

PHOTO: Poultry Palace at Pixar Pier
Poultry Palace at Pixar Pier
Genevieve Brown/ABC News

The adorable box keeps your chicken warm! The spot was inspired by a Pixar short.

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums

PHOTO: Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums
Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums
ABC News

The deep-dish cookie Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num is warm, gooey, delicious. Just be sure to snap your shot before you have chocolate all over your face. Incredible!

Angry Dogs

PHOTO: Angry Dogs inspired by Inside Out
Angry Dogs inspired by Inside Out
ABC News

Pick up a Slightly Annoyed Dog at this "Inside Out" inspired spot, and channel your emotions in your photo.

Señor Buzz Churros

PHOTO: Churroat Senor Buzz Churros
Churroat Senor Buzz Churros
ABC News

Get a spicy churro. It's out of this world.

Bing Bong's Sweet Shop

PHOTO: Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff
Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff
ABC News

The Rainbow Unicorn Memory Refresher is a must-do on a hot day.

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