Why today marks the start of major airfare savings

There is a four week period starting August 23 that boasts big savings.

As summer travel comes to a close, now might be a perfect time to score savings on flights for a fall or winter getaway.

Friday marks the start of a four-week window where airfare will be at its lowest prices, according to the website CheapOair, which helps budget-savvy travelers explore the globe at a discount.

These great deals go through the end of November, Berg added, and prices spike back up around the winter holidays.

Experts said prices could drop 20% for domestic travel and European trips could boast up to 35% savings.

More tips to save on flights:

Plan your shopping time. Another way to ensure savings on flights is to shop during the week.

Use mobile tracking apps. Technology like Hopper can be used to plan ahead so you don't get stuck booking on the weekend. The app allows you to choose a destination, estimated travel dates and then ping users when the lowest price becomes available.

Be flexible. If you're traveling for a long holiday weekend, look for flights on less popular travel days.

Look at all the airports around your destination. Sometimes smaller hub airports can offer better deals.