Watermelon Dole Whip returns to Disney Springs

It'll be available until Sept. 6.

A new version of Walt Disney World Resort’s popular Dole Whip is ready just in time for summer.

Parkgoers will be able to try the refreshing treat in one of two ways. The first is an exclusive TikTok item and will only be available in limited quantities: Dole Whip watermelon in a wedge.

The watermelon soft-serve will be placed inside a real watermelon wedge and topped with chocolate chips.

The second is on the actual menu: Dole Whip watermelon parfait with key lime custard.

The parfait will have green key lime custard at the bottom with watermelon soft serve on top. A piece of real watermelon shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head will be placed on a stick as a garnish.

A different version of the watermelon parfait was available for a limited time in January in the form of a Minnie Mouse-themed dessert.

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