Woman gets standing ovation for the clever way she avoided airline baggage fee

"I felt the fun afterwards."

October 18, 2019, 1:18 PM

A woman from the Philippines is getting love on Facebook after posting her hilarious method for skipping an excess baggage fee at the airport.

Gel Rodriguez told "Good Morning America" that her suitcase was about to go over the weight limit until she beat the system by putting on multiple layers of clothing.

"I [was] a little bit worried about my flight schedule because it took me time to put the clothes on," Rodriguez said. "I felt the fun afterwards when we successfully landed in our area and that was also the time that we took the funny photo."

She preferred not to reveal the name of the airline.

Rodriguez shared the image two weeks ago while travelling to an undisclosed location. The Facebook post garnered 20,000 shares.

She said her bag exceeded the necessary limit by four pounds due to overpacking and a pair of wet pants that were weighing it down.

"I wore my wet pants (the main reason of my excess)," she said. "They had my bag weighed again and it was already below the maximum required [for] hand carry."

Rodriguez is grateful her flight was delayed, which gave her pants time to dry.

She said she's happy the internet got a good laugh from her viral travel tip.

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