Tuesday on 'GMA': Victoria Gotti Reveals Secrets

Victoria Gotti was 7 years old when she learned what her father, legendary Mafia boss John Gotti, did for a living.

Rather than running a large construction company as he told her he did, John Gotti was working his way up the Gambino crime family -- an organization he would eventually lead for years before dying in prison at the age of 61.

In her new book, "This Family of Mine," Gotti chronicles her life in the midst of the mob, filled with drama, violence and bloodshed.

Tune in to "Good Morning America" Tuesday, Sept. 29, to see Victoria Gotti tell her story in her own words.

Gotti remembers with painful clarity the night her mother stabbed her father. She remembers visiting her father in jail regularly and trying to pick out the "made men" that were in jail with him. She remembers when her dad would disappear for weeks at a time to avoid police, leaving the family to fend for itself.

In the book, she not only recounts her earliest memories of life in the mob but also tells the dramatic tale of her father's violent rise from small time crook to head of one of the Mafia's most powerful families.