Amy Fisher Back in the Spotlight with New Sex Tape

'Long Island Lolita' talks to GMA about recent sex tape and her life nowadays.

ByABC News via logo
January 3, 2008, 6:52 PM

Jan. 4, 2008 — -- Amy Fisher was 16 when she began her love affair with Joey Buttafuoco, a married man more than twice her age.

It was a fatal attraction that led Fisher to the front door of her lover's home where she shot his wife, Mary Jo, in the head.

Now, after a seven-year prison stint, a marriage and two children, Fisher is back. With a little help from the plastic surgeon (by her own admission), she's now confident, unapologetic and still very controversial.

She last got together with Buttafuoco in May 2007.

"We talk, we don't talk, we have a lot of history, we're friends, we're not friends, we love each other, we hate each other," Fisher told John Quinones in an interview for "Good Morning America."

Why does she think there's been such a fascination with the two of them? "We're a train wreck," she said with a laugh. "That's it."

As for Mary Jo? "You know what? Mary Jo and I, we worked out our problems, it's over with, you know. And once we did, I'll never discuss it again, that's it."

Fisher's latest brush with notoriety came late last year when her then-estranged husband, Lou Bellara, sold a sex tape of him and Fisher.

Bellara peddled the video because he was angry about Fisher and Buttafuoco publicly rekindling their romance while she and Bellara were separated in May.

"My husband, you know, released this. And you know what? It's out there. I have two choices. I can sit there and say, it doesn't exist, which it does exist, you know. Or I can do the intelligent thing." Which for Fisher means making the best of the situation and making money.

"I mean, unbelievably, you know, a sex tape comes out and the next thing I know, I mean I'm getting offers for endorsements," she said. "I mean, they pay me to be there, which you know, I guess it brings attention to their club and a lot of people come down. And you know, it's a good thing. It's fun for everybody."

Fisher says it's not about the spotlight for her, but adds "I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the money."

Fisher now lives in a gated community on Long Island, N.Y., with Bellara, whom she met on, and their two kids.

On their first date she dropped the bomb about her infamous past, but says he wasn't turned off. "He didn't even look up from his spaghetti. It was like OK. And that was it," she said.

Fisher says her seven years serving hard time in prison didn't teach her anything. "I learned I didn't like it and I don't want to go back and that's it. You don't learn anything from that [prison]."

Fisher is now trying to live a normal life, aspiring to be a typical suburban wife, but accepts that she won't be one.

"You know what, in an ideal life, I'd like to just sit back and raise my kids. Realistically, it just doesn't happen. Every time I say I'm gonna stop, I'm not gonna do it, I'm just gonna stay home, the phone rings again."