'Watercooler': A New Device to Help the Blind 'Read'

ByABC News via logo
May 14, 2004, 3:03 PM

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Aug. 14, 2006

There was no "Watercooler" today.

Aug. 11, 2006

There was no "Watercooler" today.

Aug. 10, 2006

There was no "Watercooler" today.

Aug. 9, 2006

There was no "Watercooler" today.

Aug. 8, 2006

A new portable device called The Kurzweil-National Federation of the Blind Reader helps the blind "read" printed documents. It takes a digital picture of a page of text and then reads it aloud to the blind person either through speaker or earphone in just 30 seconds.

The device, which is the closest a blind person can get to reading without Braille, costs $3,500. The reader works with dark text, not handwriting or overly graphical fonts.

For more information on the reader, visit knfbreader.com.

Aug. 7, 2006

Ralph Lauren is embracing the future and allowing people to take window shopping to a whole new level. Watch the video here.