GMA's Extreme Love Contest Winner: Kyle Monroe Takes Ultimate Leap of Faith With Skydiving Marriage Proposal

Kyle Monroe asked girlfriend Liz Navitsky to marry him on a skydiving trip.

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June 1, 2011, 3:19 PM

June 2, 2011— -- How far would you go to propose marriage to the love of your life? Write it across the sky? Shout it from the highest mountaintop?

Modern-day Romeos keep upping the ante, coming up with memorable ways to pop the question -- from flash mobs to crossword puzzles, hidden in movie trailers, TV commercials and more.

"Good Morning America" put a call out to adventurous romantics to submit their ideas for an extreme proposal and extreme wedding as part of the "Extreme Love" contest. Hundreds of entries poured in, but one submission stood out.

In his entry, 27-year-old Kyle Monroe of Carbondale, Ill., described how he fell in love with his longtime girlfriend, Liz Navitsky. The two met at a party while in college at Southern Illinois University, where she was on the swim team and he ran cross country and track.

"What really drew me to her was that she was always willing to do anything," he told "GMA." "It just works."

Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie for their first date, Monroe took Navitsky out on a canoe.

"We spent most of the day paddling through seaweed until we found the largest cypress tree in Illinois. Even after all that, Liz actually went on a second date with me," he wrote in his submission essay.

From canoeing to camping, hiking and taking on triathlons together, the adventures for the outdoorsy couple continued. Early on in their relationship, Navitsky planned a skydiving trip for Monroe's birthday, but bad weather kept them grounded.

"It has been four years since we were supposed to skydive, and we still haven't gone," Monroe wrote to "GMA." "I'm sure that your staff has received several proposals that include skydiving, but this adventure has significance in our relationship. ... I think that after five years, Liz won't care how I ask her. I'm finally ready to propose."

'GMA' Brings Skydiving Proposal to Life

"Good Morning America" came in and helped bring Monroe's extreme skydiving proposal to life on May 21, 2011.

Monroe told Navitsky that they were finally taking that sky diving trip, but kept the proposal part a secret. "GMA" set it up and came with cameras, which Navitsky was told were filming a promotional video for the skydiving company.

Taking the ultimate leap of faith, Monroe and Navitsky jumped from 15,000 feet above the earth. As Navitsky landed, she saw the question she'd been waiting for: "Marry Me, Liz?"

"I was just ecstatic. I was like, 'Get me down there. I was to get down there,'" she said. "I was so excited."

The extreme surprises weren't over yet for Navitsky. Monroe lead his lucky bride to a gathering with their family and friend.

Now the couple is dreaming up an extreme way to walk down the aisle.

"We're both kind of adrenaline junkies," Navitsky said. "We've chatted about a destination wedding and doing something extreme while we're bungee jumping."