A Junk Foodie's Dream: Bacon Cheeseburger on Donut Bun

The "Craz-E Burger" has been a hit at state fairs. Packing 1,500 calories, teh sandwich is a bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme donut instead of a traditional hamburger bun.

Ever had a fried Oreo or spaghetti on a stick?

Heard of the donut hamburger?

No, this isn't something out of "The Simpsons" or a reality TV show challenge. At just four inches in diameter, this little sandwich packs 1,500 calories. Meet the Craz-E Burger.

It's the latest bite of fair food to get attention this fall. It could be mistaken for your typical bacon cheeseburger from afar, but a closer look reveals the glaze of a fried Krispy Kreme donut. And people thought fried green tomatoes were weird.

VIDEO: Bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme donut bun is a junk foodies dream.Play

This is a fast food junkies's dream. Believed to be invented by a bar owner in Decatur, Ga., who substituted a donut after running out of hamburger buns, he called it the Luther Burger, after Luther Vandross.

The sandwich made its way up the East Coast and was spotted at the Big E, a state fair in Massachusetts this fall.

This concoction would nearly max out the average adult's calorie intake for a day. To work off those 1,500 calories, one would have to commit to a 2.5- to 3-hour high-quality cardio work out.

Even the strongest athletes wouldn't suggest a run on the lack of nutrients in that burger.

'This Is Why You're Fat'

This unusual entree is even featured on the cover of "This Is Why You're Fat," a book based on a blog dedicated to images of the most unhealthy foods one could dream up. Both the book and the Web site celebrate deliciously bad recipes from state fairs, college dorm rooms and reader submissions.

The Craz-E Burger is only one of many experimental snacks found at state fairs. Look out for fried strawberries, fried cheesecake, cheese on a stick, waffles on a stick or even the toasted chocolate sandwich.