Cupcake Craze: Not Just for Kids Anymore

ByABC News via logo
March 18, 2006, 9:01 AM

March 18, 2006 — -- The cupcake is an old-fashioned treat that generations of American kids have enjoyed. But now, the traditional home-baked dessert has undergone a makeover -- and it's not just for kids anymore.

Cupcake bakeries catering to the adult's "Starbucks" generation are popping up on street corners from coast to coast. They are making appearance on "Oprah," "Sex and the City" and "Saturday Night Live."

"We frequently have lines out the door," said Candace Nelson, the owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes. "At one point we asked someone how long they've been waiting on line, and they said 45 minutes."

Some cupcakes are decadent, but for those who want to take the sin out of the sinfully delicious, there are healthier options.

"My cupcake services all people with food sensitivities, people who are health conscious, diabetics," said Erin McKenna, the owner of Babycakes bakery. "There's no sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no wheat."

Cupcakes are even making appearances at weddings.

"People are done with the traditional round or square wedding cake, and they're looking for something more fun, more tangible," said Elisa Strauss, owner of Confetti Cakes.

Even trendy restaurants are cashing in on the craze.

"We'll go through two to three dozen a night," said Brooke Williams the co-chef and partner at Beechwood Restaurant. "And that's orders, and there are three to an order -- so I make quite a few cupcakes every day. They're insanely popular."

Billy Reece, the owner of Billy's Bakery, said cupcakes are comfort food and make people feel nostalgic. Nelson said they are perennial favorites that will never go out of style.

"I look at cupcakes as being sort of the little black dress," she said. "They are a classic dessert. We all grew up with them. We all love them."