Weekend Window: Lake Lure, N.C.

Weekend Window heads to the Appalachain Mountains to take a look at Lake Lure.

ByABC News via GMA logo
July 28, 2007, 12:41 PM

July 29, 2007 — -- "Lake Lure has all the niceties that a small southern town has," says Mayor Jim Proctor. "We have nice folks, beautiful scenery and great weather."

Nestled between the Piedmont region and Appalachian Mountains, Lake Lure is located in the western part of North Carolina.

Aside from its scenic view and friendly residents, Lake Lure is perhaps best known for being the real-life location of the hit 1980s movie, "Dirty Dancing."

"We have the best of both worlds: We are at low elevation, but we have spectacular mountain views," Proctor says.

The man-made lake offers 21 miles of shoreline, and is as deep as 115 feet at some points.

In addition to scenic views, Lake Lure offers plenty of outdoor recreation, everything from waterskiing and lake touring to fishing and even a scenic area to hike -- Chimney Rock.

"Chimney Rock Park is made up of about 1,000 acres over the mountain," says Todd Morse, the president of Chimney Rock Park. "Whether you come to western North Carolina for scenic views, interesting rock formations, or hiking, we've got it all in one place and it's very easy to access."

Chimney Rock Park overlooks Hickory Nut Gorge, which is the natural gorge that was formed by the Rocky Broad River as it meandered its way down to what is now Lake Lure.

The river was named the Rocky Broad River for the boulders that seem to line its winding path down the mountain.

"It's so great for the spirit," Morse adds. "It's so peaceful, so quiet in this area and we get so much incredible scenic beauty. It's just a great spot and a great area to be able to relax and unwind."