How to choose the best workout based on your personality

No matter how you're feeling, there's a workout fit for your personality.

Whether you're laid-back and relaxed or energetic and spontaneous, there’s a workout fit for your personality.

"There are various things you can do with your doctor to talk about your everyday life to keep you living and keep you happy and healthy every day," said Elliott. "We focus on what you think, how you move and how you eat.”

Elliott, along with celebrity fitness trainer Amanda Kloots, the creator behind explosive workouts like The Rope, The Dance and The Body, shared workout routines designed for different personalities with "GMA."

Kloots' signature workout classes target and tone using high energy movements, fast-paced cardio intervals and jump rope.

"In order to be successful, we want to make sure that whatever physical activity you choose, it's consistent with your personality type and what you like to do," Elliott said.

Read on to find out the ideal workout based on your personality traits.

If your personality is energetic and spontaneous

“Variability is key,” according to Elliott. “You want to increase your cardiovascular activity, get that movement going, interchange it with some stretches and put it together in a routine.”

  • 16 jumping jacks
  • 8 alternating leg lunges
  • 8 alternating leg lunges touch the floor
  • If your personality is peaceful and caring

    “Some of these moves are better to do in the morning to will help us stretch get our energy levels going and some of these moves are better to do in evening to release stress and help increase your inner zen and flow,” Elliott said.

  • Arm circles with arms out in a T position
  • circle forward for 8
  • circle backward for 8
  • Sit back, leg extensions for 8
  • If your personality is mentally tough and determined

    For people who like the set goals and beat them.

  • Jump rope for 1 min
  • Hold plank for 1 min
  • Three sets
  • If your personality is cool, calm and collected

    If you have this this personality type, you are going to respond to the mood of the room.

    “It’s all about the music and the vibe,” Elliott said.

  • Standing arms with the rope
  • Side bends with the rope
  • Kloots and Elliott recommend using a jump rope as an exercise tool because “it’s going to help you use your own body muscles to maintain the flow and your body strength resistance through the course of the workout.”