NYC hospital plays 'Don't Stop Believin'' every time a COVID-19 patient is discharged

New York Presbyterian Hospital Queens is treating and believing.

April 13, 2020, 4:37 PM

Hospital staff at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital are inspiring patients to "Don't Stop Believin'."

In a moving video released by the hospital, health care workers cheer on COVID-19 patients and blast Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" as they are discharged from the hospital.

For the past week, hospital staff there started celebrating patients being discharged from the hospital with the hit song.

"Every patient discharge gives hope to New York Presbyterian Queens staff. They are encouraged to see their patients recovering and going home," said Jaclyn Mucaria, president of New York-Presbyterian Queens.

New York has suffered the most fatalities from the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state saw 671 deaths on Easter Sunday, bringing New York state's death toll to 10,056.

But despite these challenging times, many health care workers across the state, including the staff at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital are staying positive.

"These have been very challenging times but I am so proud of the extraordinary selflessness and teamwork," said Mucaria. "Everyone is pitching in for the purpose of providing the best care to our patients."

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