This trampoline workout will make you feel like a kid again

Take your workout to the next level at trampoLEAN in New York City.

Who said trampolines were just for kids?

TrampoLEAN, a fitness studio located in New York City, combines the fun of being on the trampoline with the intensity of a full-body workout that will push your limits. ABC News' Gio Benitez tried out the class for "Good Morning America!"

"This is a breath-guided workout and it's low impact," TrampoLEAN founder Louis Coraggio told Benitez. "It's preserving your joints, so you really get to create that high-intensity training that you're looking for to make it challenging, and you're having so much fun that time flies by."

Coraggio said he felt inspired to create the TrampoLEAN workout at a time when he "wasn't really doing much cardio."

"I started to explore all the possibilities that were possible with doing interval training on the trampoline, getting my heart rate up, and I slowly fell in love with it," he said.

TrampoLEAN was designed to "challenge the brain," Coraggio said, so class members can use anything from the fitness bands above their head to hand weights while on the trampoline.

"With this one piece of equipment you have cardio, you have high intensity, you have balance training, you have strength training," he explained. "It's a lot of ab work."

In the studio, trampolines fill the space and colorful fitness bands hang from the ceilings. The founder says the class is accessible for beginners all the way to advanced clients.

"We get a lot of people who are unsure if they can do this, and we teach a proper jump technique at the beginning of each class," Coraggio said. "Everyone has their own skill set that they can work towards while they're on this trampoline."