Postcards by Cellphone? These and Other Great Gifts for Valentine's Day Are Less Than $25

Expert Jane Buckingham presents inexpensive, creative gifts for your loved one.

Feb. 8, 2010— -- It's almost Valentine's Day. What have you gotten for your sweetheart?

Trend and lifestyle expert Jane Buckingham visited "Good Morning America" to tell you how to enjoy Valentine's Day without breaking the bank; with a range of creative and romantic gifts that costs $25 or less. Some are even free.

Here are five extra gifts that will help spice up your Valentine's Day. To see a fuller list of other great, affordable products, click HERE.

Gifts to Make a Memorable Valentine's Day

1. Send an actual postcard from your cellphone., a postcard mail service for BlackBerry and iPhone, is a great way to send your valentine a real postcard for $1.50. Through the site, users can print, stamp and mail a real postcard to anyone in the world for the same price.

2. Hanky Panky signature lace, low-rise rose. You can give the special woman in your life a long-stemmed rose, wrapped in clear cellophane with a hanging pin attached. When she released the pin to unfold her low-rise thong, she will uncover a silk rose underneath. According to manufacturers, the thong has no visible panty line. The thong rose costs $25.

3. iPhone applications, available at the iPhone app store. They're free, or cost up to $1.99. Some interesting apps include:

Will You? It's the techie way to ask her to marry you.

Love Quotes: Impress your valentine with your romantic knowledge and make every moment even more special.

Romance Classics: Give your loved one a romance novel.

iRomantic: Tips on how you can be romantic every day.

Valentine's Day recipes: Whip up a delicious meal to please your valentine.

4. The "Love Shack" rug is woven cotton with the romantic message embroidered on top. It's available from Urban Outfitters for $18.

How About a Kiss-o-Meter?

5. Couples get close on Valentine's Day. Make sure your breath is fresh with the Kiss-o-Meter. Breath into the device -- $24 from Urban Outfitters -- and its heart-shaped indicators will light up to tell you whether your breath is fresh enough for smooching.

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