Want to Adopt? Adoption Laws by State

Resources for people who have questions about adoption laws.

April 13, 2010— -- This morning you saw "Good Morning America" anchor JuJu Chang report on what people can do when they discover their adopted child is troubled.

Also on the show this morning, you saw the latest reporting on the 7-year-old Russian boy whose adoptive American mother sent him back to his homeland after claiming that he was "mentally unstable."

Torry Hansen of Shelbyville, Tenn., said she couldn't parent the boy -- 7-year-old Artyem Saviliev, whom she had renamed Justin.

The move sparked a wave of international outrage, but several people have asked what options are available to them if they have adopted a troubled child.

For more on adoption laws in your state, here are a few resources:

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North American Council on Adoptable Children

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