Black Friday Sales: Where to Find the Best All Day Deals

Where you can find the best buys, online and in stores.

Nov. 26, 2010— -- If you are leisurely sipping coffee wondering if there are any Black Friday deals left to be had, "Good Morning America" Correspondent Becky Worley has picked out the best deals that aren't doorbusters, and should last most of the day.

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Walmart: Nintendo DS Lite - regular price $129, sale price $89

Best Buy: Dynex 24 inch LED TV - regular price $270, sale price $189

RadioShack: Polaroid Pogo Printer - regular price $59, sale price $29

Tech Gadgets

iTunes Cards: 20 percent off - $48 from $60 at Sam's Club, Best Buy, Meijer, Staples and Target

No deals on the iPad: I have scoured the circulars, called Apple and called retailers that were rumored to have iPads on sale and can tell you there was not one iPad sale that I came across. But what you will see on sale is new Android tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most popular right now - well reviewed by both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, but it's not an iPad. It only has a 7 inch screen.

But it's on sale from RadioShack for $349 with a contract for a Sprint data plan.

The other Android tablets making the rounds this holiday are slightly less vetted and it's buyer beware when purchasing them.

For example the Wi-Fi only Velocity Micro Cruz at Sears for $249 and the Coby Kyros Tablet running Android is selling for $179 at KMart.


Best Buy: 46 inch Samsung 120 hz LED with wi-fi Blu-ray player - regular price $1450, sale price $999

Walmart: Samsung wi-fi Blu-ray plus $10 Vudu movie credits/Pandora - regular price $200, sale price $138

Costco: 2 HP printer cartridges plus postage stamps - $25 off

Radio Shack: Garmin Nuvi 4.3 GPS - regular price $169, sale price $99

Walmart: Shark Steam Mop - regular price $59, sale price $36

Target: Cars racing trike - regular price $49, sale price $33

Walmart: Lego tub - regular price $30, sale price $15

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