Christmas Candy Recipes for a Sweet Holiday

Sweet gifts you can make for everyone.

— -- intro: These easy candy recipes will make your holiday even sweeter. Pack them up in clear cellophane bags with festive ribbon or in small boxes with tissue paper for easy holiday gifts. From truffles to homemade lollipops, you'll find something for all of your friends with a sweet tooth.

quicklist:1 category: title: Marshmallow Fudge url: 9654445 text: These sweet fudge treats are made with marshmallows, condensed milk and graham crackers. Chill these until firm and cut into 48 squares. media:15095195 related:

quicklist:2 category: title: Gummy Bears url: 6942070 text: Who knew you could make your own gummy bears? This is a fun recipe to make with the kids when they're home for holiday break. media:15095289 related: 6941967

quicklist:3 category: title: Cappucino Truffles url: 9654447 text: Refrigerate the chocolate mixture until it's set. Form 1-inch balls and then roll them in cinnamon and sugar for a coffehouse treat. media:15095208 related:

quicklist:4 category: title: Saltwater Taffy url: 6942002 text: These homemade saltwater taffy candies can be flavored with peppermint oil or any other flavoring you'd prefer. Add food coloring to match the flavor of your choice. media:15095278 related:

quicklist:5 category: title: Emeril's Simple Chocolate Truffles url: 12354078 text: Use a melon-baller to scoop the truffles into perfectly shaped balls. Roll them in chopped nuts, sprinkles, cocoa powder or confectioners sugar for decoration. media: 15095230 related:

quicklist:6 category: title: 'Gourmet' Chocolate Toffee Diamonds url: 6864503 text: These diamonds have a cookie base, chocolate filling and crunchy nut topping. Get ahead on your holiday baking, these keep for up to two weeks. media: 15095267 related:

quicklist:7 category: title: Mayim Bialik's Pecan Pie Truffles url: 6864503 text: These pecan pie truffles are mini bites of your favorite dessert. They're easy to make and the perfect chocolate indulgence. media: 17841169 related:

quicklist:8 category: title: Daphne Oz's Lollipops url: 17840967 text: Who knew you could make lollipops at home? Create dozens of candies in an array of colors with this recipe from Daphne Oz. media: 17841122 related:

quicklist:10 title: Tasting Table's Chocolate Crunch url: text: Go back to childhood with these homemade chocolate crunch candies. media: 24279839