Woman Receives Death Threats After Dumping Cat in Trash

Woman Receives Death Threats After Dumping Cat in TrashPlayABC News
WATCH Outrage Over Cat Tossed in Trash

A woman in Britain has received death threats after she was caught on tape tossing a cat into a garbage can.

The owners of the cat captured the incident on their security camera and posted it online in hopes that someone would identify the culprit.

In the video, a woman is stroking the small cat. Then she calmly grabs Lola the cat by the scruff of the neck, tosses her into the can and closes the lid.

Lola was rescued after 15 hours, before she could be loaded onto a garbage truck.

Her owner checked the tape on his security camera and saw the incident unfold.

Lola's owner, Darryl Mann, said he was "very, very shocked."

The incident sparked an outcry on Facebook and YouTube.

The woman, a 45-year-old bank worker named Mary, told reporters that she "thought it would be funny." According to the AP, a crowd gathered at her house after her name and address were posted online.

Coventry police stationed wardens outside the house after death threats were received.

She was dubbed the "Purrminator" by The Sun newspaper.

Mann said Lola is doing fine and is "very tired with all the attention and fuss she keeps getting."

Police have investigated the incident and determined the woman did not commit a criminal offense.