Survivors Say Fort Hood Gunman Shot the Wounded Again

Survivors of Fort Hood massacre say he shot the wounded again.

ByABC News via logo
November 5, 2009, 3:35 PM

Nov. 7, 2009 — -- Survivors of the Fort Hood massacre described today how Major Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly gunned down unarmed soldiers, and then shot them again as they lay wounded on the floor.

Investigators believe more than 100 shots were fired from Hasan's gun in a matter of minutes. He was described as calm and methodical in his attack, pausing only to reload.

Soldier Keara Bono survived the onslaught although she was wounded slightly in the back and grazed in the head.

Bono told "Good Morning America" today that she initially thought the scene of Hasan standing up, praising Allah and starting to fire was a drill. She didn't believe it was real even when she felt her own blood, she said.

"Then I looked to my left and right and I saw people that were bleeding," she said. That's when Bono realized that Hasan's rampage wasn't a drill.

"I started crawling, I called 911 with my phone to my side... and I turned back and looked at him. He was about two body lengths away from me, longways, shooting people on the ground still. So I was just waiting to get shot in the back," she said.

Bono instead made it to a cubicle and around the corner out of sight where a sergeant and other soldiers were hiding.

The sergeant "was telling us to see over the cubicles which way the man was going. We were shuffling back and forth. As soon as I heard him stop firing, I ran out the front door," she said.

Grant Moxon of Wisconsin was one of the first to be hit, but he survived Hasan's killing rage by playing dead until the shooting was over.

Moxon's father, Dave, told "GMA" that his son came face to face with the alleged killer.

"He said he looked up, and this guy is standing there looking at him right in the face. All of a sudden, he pulled up a gun and started shooting," Dave Moxon said.

The shooting didn't stop until police Sgt. Kimberly Munley knocked Hasan down in a brief, viscious gun battle.